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At PLIXEL we’re proud to work with all of our clients. Take a look at some of our customer’s below, and see how PLIXEL can help you.


Australian Doctor Group

PROJECTS: Prototype for Testing, Website Design and UI/UX Consultancy

With a massive network of over 20,000 healthcare professionals and 6 brands serving medical news, information and providing education to doctors around Australia, Australian Doctor Group (ADG) were looking for assistance with project assistance including designing and developing a digital prototype based off designs, additional website design work, and general UI and UX consultancy.

How did PLIXEL help?

We built a custom visualisation prototype so that ADG could perform user experience testing, and then transformed their designs upon this testing to provide a seamless and beautiful web and mobile experience for ADG to take to market.


Reach Game Studios

As sister business, PLIXEL assisted Reach Game Studios with resourcing, marketing and PR, user interface and game testing to help bring to life their incredibly ambitious titles and worlds. Reach Game Studios need a team of creative people to develop exciting digital executions for their business and brands. PLIXEL was originally built to suit this need!

How did PLIXEL help?

We built a robust network of contractors and support staff to advise and assist Reach on creative and technical development of their assets. PLIXEL advised on their (at the time) record-setting Steam Greenlight campaign, and their website presences, delivering fantastic results for the business.

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