PLIXEL is a playful new digital agency for the connected world.

Founded as a division of Reach Game Studios, one of Australia's leading independent game developers and publishers, PLIXEL blends the magic of digital creative work and the psychology of gaming.

We know what drives customers to engage, and use this to drive results for our clients.


user research and QA

Have questions you need answered? Ask us.

With experience conducting user research and quality assurance for major titles for both the multi-billion dollar mobile and console game industries, we know what makes the mind of a customer tick, and how to use this to drive engagement for our clients.

game design and development

Thinking about a game to promote your brand or product? Let's talk.

Games are a great way to drive engagement and awareness for your brand, and to promote retention -- key things for any brand. PLIXEL are experts at designing great, fun experiences on any platform: web to mobile and beyond.

We're also clued in to key new and emerging technology, from motion sensing to virtual reality (VR) -- and everything in between!


campaign execution

Looking for an all-inclusive marketing and communications execution for your brand or product? Chat with us!

With combined years of experience in journalism, communications and PR/Marketing, we have the tools and the skills to effectively design compelling campaigns that deliver results for your brand or product.

Already work with an agency? No problem. We can work together to leverage our creative and technical resources and build something great.

Licensed to Thrill

At PLIXEL we’re a proudly licensed game development studio with all major platform providers, from Apple to Android on mobile, through to the top three console manufacturers: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.


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Find Our Glory.


Developed by Reach Game Studios, PLIXEL's parent company, GLORY is a large-scale science fiction role-playing game consisting of a fantastic open-world and far-reaching supporting technology.

From big titles like GLORY to mobile games with a big presence, PLIXEL is able to leverage Reach Game Studios' development and production talent -- in addition to tapping into their vast pool of creative and technical resources -- to help your team develop successful games within your budget.